ENT Medicine

Whether for research, diagnosis or surgery, Kaps microscopes provide high-quality optics combined with powerful lighting and they flexibly adapt to the needs of ENT specialists.

ENT Examination
ENT examination microscopes from Kaps’ SOM® series will more than satisfy every requirement in your ENT practice wish list.

The combination of proven and practically indestructible mechanical parts and outstanding optics, coupled with powerful illumination and easy handling, provides support with day-to-day routines and minor operations alike.

These small, compact and flexible Kaps SOM® examination microscopes offer image definition you can see, user friendliness you appreciate, and quality you can rely on.

ENT Surgery
ENT surgical microscopes by Karl Kaps provide pin sharp images, while their fast and precise focusing facilitates your work process.  They combine unique apochromatic optics with ultra-bright lighting and can be positioned with ease and precision.

Examination with an ENT microscope by Kaps

ENT SDM Microscopes

Optics, Illumination, Comfort – everything fits the bill perfectly!

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ENT SOM® Microscopes

SOM® Examination microscopes ensure high-contrast and colorfast visualization solutions.

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ENT SOM® Operating Microscopes

Ideal for outpatient surgery centers, smaller clinics and laser centers.

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