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Step-less Magnification due to Manual Zoom and Perfect Handling thanks to the Free Motion Magnetic Brake System.

The Kaps 1300 constitutes the third level in the Kaps modular range of dental microscopes!

It is equipped with a manual zoom, a Free Motion magnetic brake system with a balancing system for optimum compensation of the microscope's motion, brilliant optics and ultra-bright LED lighting. The Kaps 1300 dental microscope thus provides high-contrast and true-color visualization. This gives the dentist maximum control during the whole treatment!

With its manual 1:6 zoom, the magnification ratio is infinitely variable, thus providing an ideal view of the area under treatment at all times.

The Free Motion magnetic brake system with balancing system makes it possible to smoothly and exactly adjust the Kaps dental microscope in any desired position, even with adapted accessories.  Even asymmetric load distribution is perfectly balanced and does not impair the microscope's ergonomics. At the press of a button, the microscope is effortlessly and precisely readjusted at any time.  After reaching the desired angle, the button is released to fasten the microscope in its new position.

The high light intensity, achieved through the innovative white light LED illumination, enables a glimpse into areas that are normally hardly accessible. The homogeneously illuminated field of vision and higher contrast ensure fatigue-free working.

Ergonomic Solutions
The Kaps dental microscope was designed with the focus on ergonomics, since dentists often complain about neck pain and backache.  With the Kaps 45° ergonomic wedge including the binocular turntable, such problems are now a thing of the past. While using the Kaps 1300 you can remain in a comfortable and upright, ergonomically correct sitting posture. This will make your daily routine considerably more relaxed.

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  • Manual Zoom 1 : 6
  • 0-210° Swivel Tube with Oculars 12,5
  • Objective f = 250 mm with fine focussing (12 mm)
  • Free Motion Magnet Brake with Balancing Device
  • Ergonomic Grips with Control Elements
  • Integrated LED-lighting
Magnification manual
zoom 1:6
Magnification range 1,5-fold to 40-fold (depending on the optical components)
Field of vision 120 mm to 7 mm (depending on the optical components)
Lighting Integrated LED lighting
Optional: cold-light illumination 15 V / 150 W
Xenon 180 W (external)
Always in conjunction with an orange filter and spotlight
Objective With fixed focal length from 100 mm - 400 mm in a gradation of 50 mm increments (each with a fine focus of 12 mm)
Kaps-Variflex-100 f = 220 mm - 320 mm (infinitely variable)
vario objective (module 50) f = 200 mm - 400 mm (infinitely variable)
Eyepieces 10 x; 12,5 x; 20 x

Optics and Illumination

Kaps Vario-Objective
The Kaps Vario Objective stands for ergonomics at workplace. The objective is simple to use and very comfortable. The optics allows you to move up and down the focal plane from 200 - 420 mm without changing lenses only by turning a knob.

The objective, with a focal length of 220-320 mm, has a high-quality apochromatic optics. The retrofit is child-friendly. The lens is exchanged within a few minutes and offers best ergonomics during the treatment.

Kaps Observer Tube
With a second observer tube, your assistant can attend treatment live and gain valuable tips and tricks for their own clinical routine.



Xenonlux 180 Watt
Extermal, super-bright high quality light source with long life.


Kaps 45° Ergonomic Wedge with Beam Splitter and binocular
An unbeatable combination for a high level of convenience at the workplace.


Color your scope
Turn your microscope into an eyecatcher or make it match the colors in your practise. Kaps offers a great variety of customized paintwork.

With the adaptable photo and video accessories you can easily take images for documentation, information and presentation purposes. Be flexible and retrofit your microscope at any time according to your wishes and requirements.

45° Ergonomic wedge
Unilateral tube 50:50, 80:20 or bilateral 50:50 / 80:20

Kaps photo tube for DSLR camera (Canon, Nikon)
Multi-coated anti-reflection high-end optics for a frame-filling, low-distortion and image field leveled digital camera image for Canon and Nikon.

Kaps HD photo adapter for SONY NEX-5/-6/-7 and Alpha 5000/6000
HD documentation of medical findings with apochromatic optics for brilliant and true color images with amazing detail diversity in full format.

TV Tube
Adapter for C-mount video cameras.

Kaps HD video camera
Compact High Definition Video Camera for findings documentation.

Kaps Ikegami MKC-210 HD
High Performance Single CMOS Medical Camera in Full-HD (1.920 x 1.080).

Kaps Media Workstation BE
Kaps Media Workstation BE simplified the daily routine in the doctors’ office. We organized your images and video material easy and efficient in an electronic health record. The software is multilingual, self-explanatory and easy to use.

Kaps TFT-display mount
With the Kaps TFT-display mount the user can be easily position the display for comfortable viewing or even move it out of the way when not in use. (only for mobile stand)