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Crystal-clear imaging with extraordinary color brilliance.

Brilliant apochromatic optics and ultra-bright coaxial illumination go hand in hand.

SOM® microscopes provide crystal-clear three-dimensional imaging with great depth of focus and extraordinary color brilliance. Even the finest structures and the smallest details are clearly visible. This gives you maximum control over your work - the ideal prerequisite for a reliable diagnosis.

The optional 40 mm manual fine focus lets you conveniently focus on the desired area and find the correct working distance without having to change your preferred position.

Kaps ENT examination microscopes can be supplied with a variety of lighting systems.

Cold Light Illumination - A cold light source emits light with a greatly reduced infrared component. The high light intensity in the visible spectrum guarantees a perfect view of even the smallest detail.

LED Illumination - The high-contrast color temperature of the optional LED lighting is very similar to daylight. This, and its’ even illumination of the field of view, contributes to fatigue-free working. Other advantages are the long service life of some 50,000 hours, and low power consumption. Added to this, the LED lighting generates very little warmth and is extremely quiet. The LED lighting can be integrated in the swivel arm or mounted in the microscope head.

The prerequisite for ceiling mounting is a stable concrete ceiling. Precise vertical assembly of the ceiling column can be effected using the ceiling adjustment fixture included in the scope of supply.

The SOM® microscope is available in three versions:

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SOM® 22 - for Wall Mounting and Use with Examination Units

SOM® 32 - for Ceiling Mounting

SOM® 62 – on a Mobile Stand

  Kaps SOM® type
Illumination Coaxial cold light illumination (15 V / 150 W) with spare bulb
LED illumination optional
Objective Changeable lenses from 200 mm to 400 mm in steps of 50 mm
Lens f = 200 mm and f = 250 mm with integrated focussing (14 mm)
Binocular tubes Straight tube f = 125 mm or f = 159 mm, on request
swivel tube f = 182 mm 0 - 210°
Eyepieces Eyepieces WF 12.5 x V or WF 10 x V (with diopter adjustment)
Magnification 3-step magnification changer, 5-step magnification changer or manual zoom 1 - 6
Fine focussing Manual fine focussing 40 mm (optional)
Secondary viewer Binocular or monocular
Video camera Adaptation of C-mount video cameras via beam splitter and TV tube
Integrated video camera (Vision) For direct adaptation for existing endoscopic cameras
Iris diaphragm, green filter,
spot illumination
Enlargement Factors
3-step and 5-step magnification unit with tube f = 125 mm  
Enlargement factor 0.4 / 0.63 / 1.0 / 1.6 / 2.5
Magnification 3.2 / 5 / 8 / 12.8 / 20
Field of view Ø in mm 52 / 34 / 22 / 14 / 8.5
Lens f = 200 mm
Eyepiece magnification 12,5 x V

Optics & Illumination

Binocular Swivel Tube 0 – 210°
The main advantage of the swivel tube is the very large swiveling range as well as the suitable size.

The objective, with a focal length of 220-320 mm, has a high-quality apochromatic optics. The retrofit is child-friendly. The lens is exchanged within a few minutes and offers best ergonomics during the treatment.

Kaps observer tube monocular oder binocular
With the second observer tube, your assistant can attend treatment live and gain valuable tips and tricks for their own clinical routine.

Lens Protection
For additional adaptation.

Objective quick changer
Changing objectives quickly and easily.

Kaps LED Upgrade
LED upgrade kit for effortless and detailed work as with daylight-color temperature.

With the adaptable photo and video accessories you can easily take images for documentation, information and presentation purposes. Be flexible and retrofit your microscope at any time according to your wishes and requirements.

Beam Splitter
Unilateral or bilateral.

Beam Splitter with Endoscope Adapter
For retrofitting any diagnosis-microscopes with an endoscope camera.

Kaps photo tube for DSLR Camera
Multi-coated anti-reflection high-end optics for a frame-filling, low-distortion and image field leveled digital camera image for Canon and Nikon.

Kaps HD photo adapter for SONY NEX-5/-6/-7 and Alpha 5000/60000
HD documentation of medical findings with apochromatic optics for brilliant and true color images with amazing detail diversity in full format.

TV Tube
Adaptor for C-mount video cameras.

SENTECH HD Video Camera
Compact High Definition Video Camera for findings documentation.

Kaps TFT-display Mount
With the Kaps TFT-display mount the user can be easily position the display for comfortable viewing or even move it out of the way when not in use. (only for mobile stand)