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High standard of quality

The KP 3000 S adapted to an examination chair is the ideal colposcope for the routine daily diagnosis and is perfect for this purpose. Together with its accessories, it meets high standards of quality and convinces users with its attractive value for money.
This colposcope stands out with its convenient and timesaving handling, its flexibility in use in daily medical practice, and its extensive range of accessories.
With various holders, the KP 3000 S can be fitted to the left or right hand side of all common examination chairs and tables.

Extensive Range of Accessories

•    Powerful LEDone lighting
•    Single magnification or 3-step magnification changer
•     Choice between straight or inclined tube
•    Interchangeable lenses and eyepieces
•    T-handle can be mounted on both sides
•    Swing-in green filter

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Kaps KP 3000 S
Straight tube f = 125 mm f = 159 mm
Inclined tube f = 125 mm f = 159 mm
Objective f = 300 mm (on choice f = 250 mm)
Eyepieces WF 20 x V with diopter compensation (on choice WF 16 x V))
Green filter swing in green filter
Illumination LEDone, continuously adjustable
T-Handle can be mounted left or right side

Magnification with 3-step changer with tube f = 125 mm

Magnification factor 0,63 1,0 1,6
Magnification 6,5 10,0 16,0
Field of view Ø [mm] 30,0 18,0 12,0

Objective f = 250 mm, eyepiece magnification WF 20 x

Magnification without changer
Magnification factor 0,63 1,0 1,6
Magnification 5,0 8,5 13,0
Field of view Ø [mm] 36,0 22,0 15,0


Straight tube
f = 125 mm / f = 159 mm

Inclined tube
f = 125 mm / f = 159 mm

With the adaptable photo and video accessories you can easily take images for documentation, information and presentation purposes. Be flexible and retrofit your colposcope at any time according to your wishes and requirements.

Integrated Beam Splitter with c-mount
"TWO IN ONE" design 
suitable for the use of analog and digital video cameras.

Kaps HD Video Camera
Compact High Definition Video Camera for findings documentation.