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Tailored to the needs of routine daily gynecological examinations

The Kaps SOM© 42 adapted to fit on an examination chair is specially tailored to the needs of routine daily gynecological examinations with successful diagnosis and treatment. 
With its modular system you can assemble your colposcope individually for your personal application.
The ergonomic design results in fatigue-free working for the user. The outstanding optics with brilliant, three-dimensional images and a large depth of field increase the success rate of correct diagnosis.
With various holders, the SOM® 42 can be mounted on the left or right hand side of all common examination chairs and tables.

Extensive Range of Accessories

•    Choice of various lighting systems
•    Swing-in green filter
•    3-step, 5-step magnification changer or manual/motorized zoom
•     Choice of straight or inclined tube
•    Interchangeable objective lenses and eyepieces
•    From 5-fold magnification changer onwards, an aperture for increased depth of field is         optionally available
•    Motorized version (zoom and focus)
•    Integrated "Vision" camera system
•    Adaptation to laser systems of leading manufacturers

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Illumination coaxial halogen illumination 12 V / 100 W (direct)
coaxial cold-light illumination 15 V / 150 W
- all colposcope outfits are equipped with a stand-by spare lamp
integrated LED illumination (50 W)
Working distance / Objective 250 mm or 300 mm are standard - others focal lenghts on request  
Fine focussing 12 mm with focussing objective f = 250 mm and f = 300 mm
40 mm manual
40 mm motorized
Binocular tubes straight tube f = 125 mm, inclined tube f = 125 mm 45° as standard
straight tube f = 159 mm, inclined tube f = 159 mm 45° on request
wide-angle inclinable tube f = 182 mm 0 -210° on request
Oculars, Pairs wide-angle, oculars with diopter WF 16 x V or 20 x V
- reticules on request
Magnification 3-step magnification changer
5-step magnification changer
zoom 1-6 manual or motorized (apochromatic)

5-step magnification changer with tube f = 125 mm

Magnification factor 0,4 0,63 1,0 1,6 2,5
Magnification 3,4 5,4 8,5 13,6 21,2
Field of view Ø [mm] 55 35 21,5 13,2 8,5

Objective f = 300 mm corresponding about the working distance (alternative objective f = 250 mm) Eyepieces WF 20 x

Straight tube
f = 125 mm / f = 159 mm

Inclined tube
f = 125 mm / f = 159 mm

Kaps LED-Upgrade
Durable retrofit for optimum LED lighting.

Microscope carrier with fine focussing

With the adaptable photo and video accessories you can easily take images for documentation, information and presentation purposes. Be flexible and retrofit your colposcope at any time according to your wishes and requirements.

Unilateral or bilateral.

TV Tube
Adapter for C-mount video cameras.

SENTECH HD video camera     
Compact High Definition video camera for findings documentation.

Kaps TFT-display mountr
With the Kaps TFT-display mount the user can easily position the display for comfortable viewing or even move it out of the way when not in use. (Only for mobile stand.)

Kaps Media Workstation BE
Kaps Media Workstation BE simplified the daily routine in the doctor's office. We organized your images and video material easy and efficient in an electronic health record. The software is multilingual, self-explanatory and easy to use.