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For the skilled and often protracted work during iris analysis.

A microscope is indispensable for the skilled and often protracted work during iris analysis.

The Kaps MI 920 HP was specifically designed for observing the anterior of the eye and perfectly supports naturopathic therapists in their diagnosis.

The finest, smallest features of the iris are hardly visible, even through a magnifying glass. Some of them can only be detected at a certain light angle or incidence.

Whether you wish to see the IRIS as a whole or in detail, the Kaps MI 920 HP boasts a 5-step magnification system. The zoom levels are selected by means of a switch.

The Kaps 920 HP features high-quality optics combined with powerful halogen lighting. It thus guarantees brilliant, crystal-clear images, rendered in natural colors, with sharp contrast and maximum stereoscopic depth at all levels of magnification.

The iris microscope comes with an electronically stabilized power adapter and a slip-resistant mounting device for installation on any table.

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  Kaps MI 920 HP
Wide field glasses wearer eyepieces, adjustable 2 x WF 12,5 V, (AP = 22mm) ± 6 dpt
Straight tube f = 125 mm (pupil distance 55 - 75 mm)
Objective f = 150 mm
Magnification system 5-step
Total magnification (visual field in mm) 6,7 x (26,1 Ø) / 10,6 x (16,4 Ø / 16,9 x (10,2 Ø)
Illumination 6 V / 20 W Halogenlampe regelbar mit eingebautem Wärmeschutzfilter
Microscope movement Transversely: max. 124 mm (± 62 mm)
Longitudinally: max. 90 mm (30 mm forwards / 60 mm backwards)
Movement range of the control lever (fine-tuning) 18 mm (± 9 mm in all directions)
Vertical movement (turning the control lever) 28 mm (± 14 mm)
Power connection 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 320 (B) x 450 (T) x 450 mm (H)
Medical device category Class 1


Binocular straight tube
f = 125 mm (45°).

Wide field glasses wearer eyepieces
Adjustable, with reticle: WF 10 x VX, WF 12,5 x VS
Adjustable: WF 10 x V

Lens protection
For additional adaptation.

With the adaptable photo and video accessories you can easily take images for documentation, information and presentation purposes. Be flexible and retrofit your iris microscope at any time according to your wishes and requirements.

Beam Splitter
Unilateral or bilateral.

Kaps photo tube for DSLR Camera
Multi-coated anti-reflection high-end optics for a frame-filling, low-distortion and image field leveled digital camera image for Canon and Nikon.

Kaps HD photo adapter for SONY NEX-5/-6/-7 and Alpha 5000/6000
HD documentation of medical findings with apochromatic optics for brilliant and true color images with amazing detail diversity in full format.

TV tube
Adapter for C-mount video cameras.

SENTECH HD Video Camera
Compact High Definition Video Camera for findings documentation.