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Easy and Exact Positioning

The SOM® 62 Ophthal Basic + surgical microscope combines easy and exact positioning and excellent lighting with a bright high-contrast red reflex as well as excellent optical image quality.

The apochromatic 5-step magnification changer (with an optional 1:6 manual zoom) provides a bright, brilliant image with high contrast.

Perform various motorized functions, such as focusing and XY coupling, via the foot control panel. Thus both hands remain free for your patients.

Interruption-free Surgery
Optionally a backup-lamp can be integrated to prevent interruption.  By means of an integrated tilt switch, you can turn the device on or off after reaching the desired work position.

Stable Fundus Reflex (Red Reflex)
The 15 V / 150 W coaxial fiber optic lighting with a built-in UV filter and pivoted retina protection filter GG 475 generates a bright red reflex while providing maximum protection for the patient's eye.

Various stereo facilities for secondary observers are available for documentation, teaching or for collaboration with assistants. Alternatively, you can connect the microscope to a video camera in conjunction with a TFT-monitor to document your findings. Or use a combination of both options side by side!

Keep your microscope completely sterile through the use of asepsis caps and drapes at the controls.

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  • 5-step apochromatic magnification changer
  • Binocular inclined tube 60°, f = 159 mm
  • APO-objective f = 200 mm
  • Fine focusing motorized 40 mm
  • Eyepieces 12.5 x V or 10 x V
  • Handles
  • Foot switch for focus
  • Coaxial cold light illumination
SOM 62 Ophthal Basic +
Binocular tube Inclined tube 60°, f = 159 mm
Objective APO f = 200 mm
Eyepieces Eyepieces WF 10 x V with diopter compensation
Eyepieces WF 12.5 x V with diopter compensation (optional)
Other on request
Magnification Apochromatic 5-step magnification changer
Fine focusing 40 mm motorized
XY-coupling 50 x 50 mm
Filter Swing in retina protection filter GG 475
Swing in yellow filter
Illumination Coaxial cold light fiber optic illumination 15 V / 150 Watt
with operational replacement lamp, retina protection filter GG 475,
Filter against IR and UV exposure


Assistant Tube Binocular
To view the examination field of a second person in the same magnification - particularly suitable for assistance or training.


Sterilization Cover
For the asepsis.

Sterilization Cover for Ergo Handle
For the asepsis.

With the adaptable photo and video accessories you can easily take images for documentation, information and presentation purposes. Be flexible and retrofit your microscope at any time according to your wishes and requirements.

Beam Splitter
Unilateral or bilateral.

Kaps photo tube for DSLR Camera
Multi-coated anti-reflection high-end optics for a frame-filling, low-distortion and image field leveled digital camera image for Canon and Nikon.

Kaps HD photo adapter for SONY NEX-5/-6/-7 and Alpha 5000/6000
HD documentation of medical findings with apochromatic optics for brilliant and true color images with amazing detail diversity in full format.

TV tube
Adapter for C-mount video cameras.

Kaps Ikegami MKC-210 HD
High Performance Single CMOS Medical Camera in Full-HD (1.920 x 1.080).

SENTECH HD Video Camera
Compact High Definition Video Camera for findings documentation.

Kaps TFT-display Mount
With the Kaps TFT-display mount the user can be easily position the display for comfortable viewing or even move it out of the way when not in use. (only for mobile stand)